The RS500 International Class Association

Who are we?
Chair: James Curtis
Vice-Chair: Adriana Campanella
Secretary: Floris Stapel
Treasurer: Oscar Deurloo
Public Relations: Jakub Dobry

What do we do?
The International Class Association is responsible for:

  • Competition
    Facilitate and coordinate international events and competitions, such as Worlds, Eurocup, ….
    Responsible for coordination not the organization of international events and competitions. Determines which organization will organize the event (such as Worlds) or participates in the regional competition(s), such as Eurocup. Sets the rules for the international competition.
  • Class rules
    Is responsible for maintaining the technical aspects of the RS500 class, this to ensure fair competition. Will host the technical committee that advises the builder. Manages the maintenance of the class rules, which includes facilitating the voting process for changes to class rules.
  • Maintaining the international class status at World Sailing
  • Represents sailors without a national RS500 class organization
  • Information
    Maintains RS500 International website
    Communication to sailors
  • Representative to RS Association
  • Representative to RS500 builder
  • Class association management
    Manages the legal aspects of the association (By-laws, house rules, registrations, etc)
    Bank account